Übersicht zur Virtuellen BlizzCon 2023

We invite you to experience BlizzCon 2023 as video-on-demand (VOD) right here on BlizzCon.com, or on YouTube.com, where VODs will be available in English and also with subtitles in a variety of other languages.

This year we introduced BlizzCon Collection—an optional purchase of digital goodies and in-game items—for all our fans who couldn’t come to BlizzCon. Even though BlizzCon is complete, you can still celebrate BlizzCon with this bountiful collection!

These packs are a must-have for any player journeying through the immersive worlds of World of Warcraft®, Diablo® IV, Overwatch® 2, Hearthstone®, and Warcraft RumbleTM. Whether you're a seasoned hero or just starting your adventure, don't miss out on these iconic items and enhancements to your gameplay experience! BlizzCon Collection also gives you a special BlizzCon Gear Store discount (restrictions apply*).

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